Mary Magdalene meets Jesus

Jesus is a symbol for the born again Motherland history and Mary Magdalene is a symbol for the new Motherland that never came to be. She is in contact with the twelve disciples, who are a symbol for the newly elected Motherland council. They just don’t know what to do when they are told that Jesus is going to return back to his Father in heaven.

Mary Magdalene meets Jesus

Mark 16, 9-11; Luke 24, 12; John 20, 3-18

Mary Magdalene meets Jesus Mary Magdalene ran to tell Peter and the other disciples the good news. Peter and John immediately went with her back to the grave. It was empty, like she had said.

Mary Magdalene stood waiting outside the grave, while the others went in. She could see that they really were afraid, when they walked inn. She saw them coming back out, confused.

When the men walked back home, she remained at the grave. She stood crying. She was so anxious. Was it really true what the angel said? She thought that someone might have stolen the body of Jesus. Mary Magdalene did not understand anything of what had happened.

Jesus was dead. But his body was no longer in the grave. What did it mean?

While she cried, she went to see inn to the grave. Suddenly she saw two men in white clothes sitting were the body of Jesus had been laid! They said to her: “Woman, why do you cry?”

“I cry because they have taken my Lord, and I don’t know where they have laid him.”

She turned, and there stood Jesus in front of her in the garden. But she did not recognize Jesus. He was so different. He said to her: “Woman, why are you crying? Who do you look for?”

Mary Magdalene thought that the man standing in front of her, was the gardener, so she said: “If you have carried him away, then tell me where you have laid him.”

Then Jesus said to her in his strong voice: “Mary!” In the same moment she heard her name, she turned quickly. Now she could see who it was. Only Jesus could say her name like that.

“Master!” she called out and fell down before his feet.

“Don’t touch me,” said Jesus. “I will soon go back to my Father, to my God and yours God.”

Mary ran back to the disciples. The news she now could shear with them, was even more glorious than what she had told them before: “I have seen Jesus!” She told them everything he had said.

Just think for a moment about what will happen when the whole world population gets to know about the born again Motherland history. They will be utterly confused and don’t know what to do. And even after a new Motherland is built and a new superior Motherland is elected, it will take time before the global system of governing the world is fully comprehended.

This camouflaged story is telling the humans living in present time to not be afraid and the born again Motherland history will reveal itself for every one of you through the Diagram Star. You will not recognize the story about the lost Motherland because the whole world population has lived in the darkness of oblivion for some twelve thousand years. But because of the camouflaged story about Jesus, the born again Motherland history, you will find a full understanding of the new world that you and the whole world population is going to build together.

It is known that most of the kingdoms and empires tried very hard to live on with the laws and rules of the Motherland in the time after the Motherland was lost, but after just a few generations brothers started fighting brothers for the best land, for being the richest, the strongest warrior king of all. The camouflaged story about Cain and Abel in the Old Testament tells us that.

Mary Magdalene and the women who cries is a symbol for all the women in the world that have cried over all the humans who have died, all those who have died under the rule of the merciless three factors of the Original Sin, every day for some twelve thousand years. Women are still crying over their dead, every, every day.

Very few of the people living in our present time understand everything that is happening in the world where they live. You live and die, not knowing why. Hereby you are told how to recover the knowledge about the lost Motherland, but instead of trying to understand, many of you turn your back on the knowledge, because it comes from the Bible, a book that are considered Holy. If you have read so far, you do see the light, for sure. You are now able to see through the camouflage of religion.

When the time of the new world arrives, when all the weapons of war is melted in to pickaxes, spades and other tools for cultivating the fields, when a new Motherland is built and all the people in the world lives together like brothers and friends should, guided in all matters of life by a democratically elected Motherland council, it surly will create a fundamental happiness for everyone, built on the safety and respect that only lasting peace in the whole world can provide. Only then all humans in the world will finally live a life with everything they hoped for.


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