The Good Samaritan

This is a story that you all understand. In a new world without national borders the whole world population will be neighbors. Under the camouflage of religion, this story is all about the common laws and rules for living from the time before the Motherland was destroyed.

The Good Samaritan

Luke 10, 25-37

The Good Samaritan One day while Jesus was teaching, he got a question from a man. This man had studied the laws of God for many years. He asked: “Master, what shall I do to get to heaven?”

Jesus answered: “What is written in the laws of God? How do you read?

The man said: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and your neighbor like yourself.” When Jesus said that the man answered right, the man asked: “Who is my neighbor? What more shall I do? Who are the others that I shall love?”

Jesus answered with a story: “One man was on a journey from Jerusalem to Jericho. He was alone. The road was stony with many curves. Suddenly a gang of thieves attacked him. They hit him severely and stole all his belongings, even his cloths and left him for dead.

“The man was did lie on the side of the road, half dying. Then a priest came by. When he saw the man, he was shocked. The man could barely lift his head and ask for help. The priest looked another way and hurried on as fast as he could.

“And likewise a Levite, when he was at the place, came and looked at him and passed by on the other side.

“Then a Samaritan, as he journeyed, came to were the man was lying, and when he saw him he had compassion with him. The wounded man was a Jew and the Samaritans and the Jews had been enemies for centuries. Still he went to him and bound his wounds, pouring on oil and vine, and put him on his own beast and brought him to hostel and took care of him.

“And the next day, when the Samaritan departed, he gave some money to the innkeeper and said to him: “Take care of him, and whatever more you spend, I will pay when I come back.”

“Now tell me, Jesus said. “Which of these three, do you think, was a neighbor to him that was robbed by the thieves?”

And the Jewish lawman said: “He that showed mercy on him.”

Then Jesus said: “Go and do likewise.”

All those who heard Jesus telling this story, understood that he wanted them to love all humans, and special the strangers and those who were in need.

If you don’t understand the reason is that you are not thinking deep enough. Your world of thoughts are constantly occupied by thoughts derived from the three factors of the Original Sin. Some twelve thousand years of constant indoctrination is not easy to erase.

The laws of God are given by the superior Motherland council. The twelve council members were elected by a Motherland parliament who had twelve democratically elected Masters from every people in the world as representatives. The superior Motherland council was omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and the whole world population lived by the laws and rules given by them.

Only by knowing the past, the future can be built. What Jesus is telling the Jewish lawman to do, is impossible in a world where the thoughts of all humans are occupied by the three factors of the Original Sin.

Let us look to the future, to a new world without the three factors of the Original Sin. The whole world population will be living in tribal communities without the man made national borders and without ownership to the land they live on. They will live together as brothers and friends, all over the world.

And make a note: Every human who dies is gone for good, buried and remembered. It is only the spirit of every human who lives on in the spirit world. There is no other place. It is called heaven because the spirit of the lost Motherland is there. The lost Motherland  continent was a cultivated beautiful garden. The twelve members of the Superior Motherland council are thought of as spiritual beings in the beautiful spiritual garden together with everybody else who has died in the course of the history of mankind.

You have heard about the devil and hell and the right understanding is that a living hell started in the world when the Motherland was destroyed in a natural catastrophe. The devil is the three factors of the Original Sin, also known as the serpent in the tree of knowledge.

In the new world with a new superior Motherland council and a new Motherland, no one can come and just take the land you live on with the use of warfare and brutal force. No one can buy or sell land or anything else for that matter. All humans work for the good of the community and getting paid with money is unheard of. The new world with lasting peace will truly be a paradise for the whole world population.

It is the law and the common sense of the tribal council that decides for example when a village population has grown too big for the area of land that is giving them food. Then a full scale tribe have to leave the Mother tribe and seek new land to live on. The emigration will be well planned by the council and as long as there is free land to settle on in the neighborhood, there will be no problems to solve.

In the future, after the new world is ready built, all humans will live together as good neighbors. All humans in the world will have everything they need to live a good life on planet earth, and there will be no evil anywhere.

The tribes living close to each other will be family related and friends. Minor conflicts can happen, but always in a small scale for reasons that are natural and accepted. One example is when a young man sees that the woman he wants for his wife is given to another man. Whatever the young man does is accepted as a crime of passion, but if the crime is seriously wrong the young man can be excluded from the tribe for life. Wrong doing is not accepted.

The whole concept of love between people will be different in the future, when the new world is ready built. Just imagine a world without the use of money of any kind; a world without weapons of war and without religion of any kind.

If there is a famine in one or several tribal villages, the neighbors will share, care and help the best they can. Likewise if a natural catastrophe happens.

What will happen when the world is full of people, with no place to go when a tribe is too big for the land to feed them all? What then?

The meaning with life on earth is to multiply and populate many new planets in the universe. Humans are the only creature with the ability to build cosmic eggs and send them out in to the universe filled with all kind of seed for earth life.

Now for some twelve thousand years the evolution of technology and the building of cosmic eggs have been off track, because of the ongoing evil occupation of the common world of thoughts. When the Motherland was destroyed in a natural catastrophe it became a severe setback for the natural evolution that was meant to be.

The reason the setback have lasted for some twelve thousand years is the outburst of greed and selfish thinking, the diversion of love from humans to riches and personal power, for a few self appointed leaders of armed soldiers.

The so called great warriors in the part of the world history we all know so well, are all criminals of a higher degree. Mostly everything that has been written in the world history is serious crimes against mankind, fully documented. The building of national states was wrong as wrong can be. The making of the global capitalistic system was wrong and the establishing of the many religions was equally wrong.

Everything that are wrongly built in the last some twelve thousand years have to be built down by use of only peaceful means. If not, they will fall by the forces of Mother Nature and perhaps millions of humans will die in the process.

The question to be asked is if it ever is going to be built; a world with lasting peace, people who love each other, and with the building of cosmic eggs in process by the best people from every tribal people in the world?

Then whole tribes will be sent off in to the universe towards a new young and fertile planet, just like the first symbolic twelve tribes were sent off from the Motherland to populate planet earth. They will be sent off in to the unknown universe; much like Abraham and Sara was, as described in the beginning of the Bible.

When you know that the first beginning of humans and earth life came to planet earth in cosmic eggs, then you know what to do in order to make mankind survive in to the far future. Planet earth is a living organism in the universe, with a certain lifeline, and before the lifeline of planet earth comes to an end, many young and fertile planets in the universe will be populated with earth life. The deeper meaning of all this you will first understand after a long study of the Diagram Star.

Our most important present concern is to make all humans in the world start living together like the Good Samaritan in this story. A change of world leaders is not the way to do it. A cleansing of your world of thoughts and the common world of thoughts is my vision for world peace. Not easy in a world where you all have gotten use to be captives of the three factors of the Original Sin.


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